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"These two Cash Flow Wizards" Helps You:
  • Track and Forecast your Cash Flow Scenario at your Organisation
  • ​Avoid depending on heavy bank loans to run your business
  • ​Avoid paying hefty Interest on Bank Loans. 
  • Take the necessary steps to increase cash-in-the-bank. More Cash means more Business Growth Investment strategies can be executed without the need for additional bank loans. (so you can grow your business and be the person you were born to be).
  • Become a Laser-Sharp Entrepreneur at forecasting your business success by understanding what steps you need to take to achieve your desired profitability and sales goals.
  • Understand what every Entrepreneur and Business Owner needs to know about Improving your cash flow significantly so that you never burn out.
  • Discover the Real Secret for how to fix your broken business operating system to achieve the dreams you have been putting off for many years.
  • See how you can easily convert Profits into cash  (so you don't have to deal with borrowing money or taking hand loans).
  • Realise how Effortlessly you can Enjoy a Healthy Cash Flow and have a strong Bank Balance... so you can avoid completely Getting calls and emails from Suppliers chasing you day and night for payments and you have to cut a "Sorry" figure and lose your respect.
  • Enjoy a Healthy Bank Balance to have a stress-free life.- No Anxiety Filled Nights.
... and much, MUCH More!

This Amazing "Done-for You" Cash flow Wizards include

1. Cash-Flow Emperor Wizard

"Cash is King" - The Most Important term every business owner learns as soon as he enters the field on entrepreneurship...and now.... "Cash is the Emperor". If you have ever struggled to command your cash-flow. have sleepless nights, and if suppliers have been keeping you on your toes and taking on your nerves, then this is where it all ends. Get this Cash-Flow wizard to get your business back to positive cash-flow days and reduce your Overall DSO. (VALUE: ₹6999)

2. Cash Flow Forecaster

At times, Business Owners need a wake-up call to make them realise the situation of the cash-flow in their organisation. All entrepreneurs have fixed payouts every month and if cash-in-flow doesn't happen on time. Business is doomed to fail. Here is where the tool comes into action to help you realize how your business looks and what percentage of your cash-in-flow has to comes in order to remain cash-flow positive. "What If Cash-flow Wizard" is your future-cash-eyes. (VALUE: ₹6999)


Dear Business Owner,

If you're in business for more than 3 years, I am sure you've already realised...
Profit is Theory!
Because Profit does not equal "Cash in the Bank Account"

Your business might look Profitable on paper.

But if your business doesn't keep generating Positive Cash consistently, it is doomed to fail.

That's why they always say...
Cash is the King of Business!
But it is challenging to keep your cash positive as your profit doesn't convert into cash immediately.

It is either held with your clients in the form of "Payment Receivables" or stuck in your "Goods Inventory"
They are called"Money Drainers"
As they keep draining your cash from your bank account.

The more the payment receivable, the more the pile up of inventory in your warehouse, the lower the cash in your bank account.

Which means most business owners like you cannot achieve your true dreams due to the "Lack of Cash to grow the business"

Even if you ever try to figure out by yourself : “How to fix this broken business generating system...”, You know, it’s a nightmare!

That's where these Cash-Flow Wizards comes to your rescue.

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Can this apply to Any Business?
Yes!. Every Business needs sales,profits and Cash. The better you are able to manage these, the better your business grows to a level which it can ultimately fulfill your dreams
Do we need any pre-requisite Knowledge before using these Wizards?
Not Really. These Tools are built on Microsoft Excel and 90% of the World's computer using population use Windows PC and has access to Microsoft Office. So even if you have never used Microsoft Excel, my video training makes it pretty easy for you to follow and apply these wizards in your business.
Does this Work on a Mac/Smartphone?
No. This is build for Windows 7/8/10 PC or Laptop running the latest Microsoft Excel Versions.
How many PC's can I use this Wizards?
As many as you want. 
Do I have to pay monthly!
Not at all. You have paid once and can use it forever!
How soon do you deliver the Wizards?
You'll get access to bonus immediately followed by video training series and cash flow wizards
How will I get Access to the Wizards?
As soon as you complete the checkout process, you'll receive a link to create you account online. You will be provided with a dedicated portal to watch the training and download the wizards

Right Now You Have Two Choices

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